Darwin Broadband Internet Providers
Broadband Internet Providers in Darwin - How to find the right one for you:
In simple terms - connecting to a Broadband Internet Provider in Darwin means connecting to high speed internet. Broadband is the encompassing name  that is given to a range of super fast internet connections that are  generally always switched on.  So - if you are connected through a dial up isp in Darwin  - you will notice the difference when you change over your connection to an always on, always available broadband provider.  Just like your electricity or water supplies from Darwin- broadband is ready, steady, communication power at your fingertips.
We are building this list of Darwin Broadband Internet Providers to help you find the right supplier in your area.  Please, if you own an internet provider in the Darwin area and believe that your company should be listed here - send us your link and we will review it. That includes Wireless Broadband, Business Broadband and Cable Broadband.

How Near is Your Darwin Exchange?
The technology used to implement ADSL Broadband only works over a limited distance. That is why there are perceived issues in Australia with Regional Broadband at present. The max distance ADSL Broadband runs is about 18,000 feet (3.5 miles or 5.5 kilometers) from where the telephone exchange is. Without going to much into all the details of public exchanges, you can pretty much say that in Norther Territory,  as with most wide sprea areas around the world - companies historically did not install them this close to homes in some suburban and many rural areas.  SOME versions of the ADSL technology limit these physical cable distances even further. Sometimes down to as low as 1,000 feet (0.2 miles or 0.35 kilometers). However, this is done in order to offer even faster broadbandnetwork speeds.