Wireless Internet
Wireless Internet Providers and What it is.
Wireless Broadband is simply broadband internet - without the wires.   The ability to have access to the internet from your laptop in wireless
hotspots, or to have a wireless router in your house that transmits the broadband connection to 1 or more computers in the house, without using wires.  In technical terms, it is a local area network that uses radio waves as the carrier: the final link with the user is wireless, and gives a network connection to all users in the surrounding area. The areas can range from a single room to a large area outdoors.  
The beauty of having a wireless internet connection, is if you have a laptop, with the ability to pick up wireless internet
- you can roam around wherever you have a wireless signal and still be connected to the broadband internet.
You can: Read emails in real time and respond to them.
Hook up to your corporate intranet if you have it set up correctly
View your contacts and Calander online
You dont have to go to the office or go home to connect to the internet. This means you can use your time more efficiently.